About Us


A little over 20 years ago it came to our attention that Sundeep, a well-respected and established Indian caterer, was making his own yogurt to use in drinks and sweets. He felt that this was the only way he could get the authentic flavor he needed for his Indian recipes.

Back then, if you visited any Indian grocery store, you would find more yogurt on display than milk. But, you would only find American style and brands. Families had two choices: buy the American style or make their own at home. Out of this dilemma Desi Natural Dahi was born.

With the help of the community, we developed an Indian yogurt. This was no easy feat. Sample after sample was rejected by Sundeep, his father and many others who would settle for nothing less than an authentic product. After nearly one year, we finally were able to duplicate the same taste, texture, color and performance the Indian community expected.

Our company has grown based on consumer requests. Over the years we’ve added Whole Milk and Lower Fat Desi Paneer Cheese and ORGANIC Desi Natural Dahi! Now, we are proud to introduce, refreshingly authentic Desi Natural Lassi and Yogurt Drinks. Our name, Desi Natural Dahi, reflects the fact that our products do not contain any artificial preservatives, and they have THE authentic “Desi” taste you crave. Consistency, quality, purity, and — above all — taste are the reasons why we are the #1 brand of Indian yogurt in the United States.

Desi Fresh Foods - About Us