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Dahi is at the very heart of authentic Desi food traditions and flavors. We celebrate each stage of our life’s journey with dahi & honey: the first day of school, a new job, a wedding. That’s why we created Desi Natural Dahi, to honor our heritage with foods and recipes that evoke our most beloved memories and rites of passage. Our authentic approach is guided by the hand of those who came before us, making no dahi curry or Divali puja complete without Desi Natural.

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Simple Recipes at Home With Sanjeev Kapoor


Desi Natural celebrates sweet memories of home: cherished aromas and flavors. Our authentic recipes evoke those memorable experiences of gathering together with family. Our deeply rooted connection with flavor makes us distinctively Desi–and it’s a tradition you can taste in every bite. Sharing lovingly prepared foods not only honors our heritage; it creates a taste of home many generations in the making.

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Authentic Indian Recipes Created By Chef Sanjeev

See how Chef Kapoor incorporates the delicious taste of Desi Natural Dahi and Paneer into his favorite dishes.