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We provide authentic, all-natural Indian-style dairy products, from our original Desi Natural Dahi to our delicious Desi Natural Paneer. Our introduction of fresh, pure Desi Natural ORGANIC Dahi and Paneer gives your family a new way to eat nutritiously. We offer our yogurt in family-friendly 2lb and 5lb tubs and 10lb and 35lb tubs suitable for restaurants, sweet manufacturers and caterers.

Everything we sell is produced in a clean, modern production facility. Our yogurt plants maintain SQF Level 3, Grade A and HAACP certifications from the government. We know that when it comes to feeding your family, it's not just taste that matters – you also want to know that your food is pure and safe. With our products, you can have it all. Good taste, good quality, all natural products with no added chemicals or preservatives as well as being gluten-free and not genetically modified.

Desi Natural Dahi yogurt

The product that started it all!

Our Desi Natural Dahi Yogurts are the perfect base for curries, lassi, tandoori, sweets and more.

Whole Milk

Traditional yogurt made with whole milk.
Available in: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb and 35lb tubs.

Low Fat

Our low fat yogurt is a popular, healthy alternative.
Available in: 2lb, 5lb and 35lb tubs.

Fat Free

You still get the authentic taste you love.
Available in: 2lb tubs.

Organic Desi Natural Dahi Yogurt

The same delicious Desi Natural taste, now made with organic low fat milk.
Available in: 2lb tubs.

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Desi Paneer Cheese

Homestyle Pure Paneer

Available in: 12oz brick, 12oz slab, 2.5lb slab and 5lb random weight blocks.

Lower Fat Paneer

The delicious taste of paneer in a healthy lower-fat option.
Available in: 12oz brick and 12oz slab.

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